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Three versions of the Wonderlic sample test

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The Wonderlic test is a 50 question test and exam takers have 12 minutes to complete the entire test. The average score on the Wonderlic is 21 out of 50. The Wonderlic ™ Personnel test is used to assess candidates for college placement or by a variety of employers, the Wonderlic Personnel Test (WPT) is a general test of problem solving ability that many consider to be the best measure of intelligence. The WPT provides the individual’s ability to cope with the complexities of any particular occupation. The general consensus among psychologists is that cognitive ability–as tested on the Wonderlic–is the most reliable predictor of an individual’s professional performance.


Measure your ability with the Wonderlic Sample test

If you are smart, you will be prepared and have been taking Wonderlic sample test so you know what to expect and understand its format.

You know you are looking for work, and you also know it is likely you will have to sit an aptitude test of some sort so take some practice tests. Be ready to face whatever your prospective employer throws at you in your interview.


Football and the Wonderlic Test

Although many coaches use the Wonderlic to predict the success of a quarterback the results are inconclusive.  Some players that have taken the Wonderlic are Drew Bledsoe (37), Steve young (33), Dan Marino (16), Deltha O’neal (15), and Donovan Mcnabb (14).  If you are interested in seeing how you match up again these players feel free to take any of the sample test below.


How to prepare for the test besides taking the Wonderlic Sample test

There are courses available where you can improve your cognitive abilities. A research study performed by Harbridge Institute has concluded that there is a conclusive link between “brain games” and “brain exercises” and a higher IQ/Wonderlic score.  The brain is very similar to other muscle in your body in that you can actually get better and stronger through training and exercises.  Your brain can actually develop and get stronger by doing brain exercises and training.

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