This blog is dedicated to helping people pass the Wonderlic exam.  Every new version of the sample test will be included to help potential test takers.  The Wonderlic cognitive ability test is a 50 question test (usually 12 minutes long) that is used by employers to test potential employees for learning and problem-solving skills.  The test was originally developed by Edlon F. Wonderlic, an industrial psychologist.  The score on the test is based on the number of correct answers in an allotted time.  A score is 20 would indicate average intelligence (same as 100 IQ).

In 2007 a new version of the test was released called the Wonderlic Contemporary Cognitive Ability Test.  This test was geared for 21st century test takers and updated for current times.

This test has become popular because of it use in the NFL draft.  John Lopez of Sports illustrated proposed the 26-27-60 rule to gauge a quarterback’s success in the NFL:  26+ on the Wonderlic, 27+ college starts, 60% pass completion is usually a good indicator of success in the NFL.  There have been some notable players that have scored low on the test.  Dan marino and Vince Young both scored low as well as Donovan Mcnabb.  All three quarterbacks have had vary amounts of success int he NFL.  In 2005 a study was conducted by Mcdonald Mirabile and it was found that there is no significant correlation between Wonderlic scores and success in the NFL.

There was even a Lyons study that found that the higher you score on the Wonderlic, the worse that you perform in the NFL for a few positions.  There has definitely been some controversy over the Wonderlic score.  In fact sometimes too high of a score can be detrimental to a player because football coaches want to command the locker room.  If you’re a coach and you have a player that is smarter than you, it would make it harder to have that command than with a player that is not as smart as you.  When you have a football player that is smarter than every single member of the football coaching staff it could definitely affect the egos of all the coaches. Sometimes being smarter than the players can help you when you try to manipulate them.  One player, McInally, was drafted in the fifth round by the Cincinnati Bengals, and he believe this was due to the fact that he scored perfectly on the Wonderlic test.

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